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The Vietnamese Community Development Inc. (VCDI), formerly the Former Vietnamese Political Prisoners Mutual Assistance Association-Alameda County officially opened in September, 1993.

Formed and run by former political prisoners, the goals of the organization were to provide mutual assistance and social services needed for the former political prisoners and their families to overcome all barriers facing their new life and quickly become productive members of the US society. Our services included:

* Provided assistances for the completion of welfare applications.

* Provided Information & Referrals, Interpretation/Translation & Transportation

* Home visit.

After many years struggling with obstacles; by learning and co-operating with many CBOs from different ethnics, the organization gradually adapted to the new environment. In December 1998, with unanimous approval of the members, the English name of the organization changed to Vietnamese Community Development Inc. and the by-laws were amended with membership includes all Vietnamese refugees and immigrants seeking freedom in this country. The agency also applied and was awarded tax exemption status from IRS as a 501(c) (3) organization in 2007. The organization has been collaborated with many organizations in various programs and activities such as:

* Participated in many activities organized by The Spanish Speaking Unity Council in San Antonio & Fruitvale district such as: Street Clean-Up, Fruitvale Transit Village, Union Point Park, Leadership Training and Welfare Reform.

* CIRCLES partnership to provide employment services for limited English speaking CalWORKs recipients.

* Lao Family Community Development, Inc: After School Tutoring for Youth, ESL & Civic Participation Training, WIA 15% project to provide Job Search & Employment Training for Vietnamese CalWORKs recipients, Oakland Refugee Seniors Clubs and Family Enrichment Workshop.

* Southeast Asian Community Center: Census 2000, Voters’ Registration, Health Fair, Youth Leadership Development, First 5 Health Care Project and Small Business Development.

* Asian Health Center: Health Education and Workshop, Yearly Flu shot for members and residents, Health through Action Community Partnerships.

In addition, VCDI also has a senior program on every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday serving more than 130 participants. Expenses for this program are partly funded by the City Of Oakland and the balance is the contribution from VCDI’s members.

The Vietnamese Community Development Inc. commits to continue and strengthen our existing programs, and to offer new program critical to the needs of the Vietnamese community.


9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
2nd & 4th Friday of each month